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The Mix Radio Network
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The idea is not new... Create a compelling talk radio network that has exciting and unique hosts and entertaining and informational topics. The practice is the new area, conduct a worldwide search for anyone who has a certain charm, extensive wit and has a telephone- then, build a radio network around these personalities.

Do they need to be trained or have radio broadcasting experience?

No.... We are looking at the person, not the resume! At The Mix Talk Radio Network, we believe that too many great personalities are under-exposed and we know how to shine a light on them. You bring the phone and your charm & we'll put you on the air. Plus, with our stable of major radio production talent, we'll make you sound great! Sound interesting? Pick up that phone and make your first call to 1-740-994-0101. All show ideas are considered. Now broadcasting on Itunes! At The Mix Talk we provide a live interactive internet talk radio service throughout the world. As a host all you have to do is concentrate on performing a great radio show for your listeners. We do the rest! Our fee is extremely reasonable compared to other competitive internet talk radio services! Please call for our outstanding pricing structure! The Mix Talk is well known for quality performance and an excellent platform for programming. No worries about handling or screening call in's, or handling the technical side of your show. That is all handled by our producers!

We created the broadcast that many are trying to dupe!

You will find our rates a lot cheaper then the people we taught to broadcast. So try us out today! We offer a no obligation contract. Not like the competitors out there that require monthly, quartely or even a yearly obligation to service you. The Mix Talk's desire is for you - the host, to not only broadcast a fantastic show, but to feel at ease with no pressure with financial obligations! Call us today for more details!

Radio Talk Show Hosts

You will host an hour long talk show where our callers will connect with you , email readings and other unique methods developed by the radio network. We've looked around, our fees are minimized and we feel we provide a service to you that is superior, promo production, show production, graphics development, The Mix Talk promotion, links, banners, opportunities for contact with a mass audience and more. Tired of fake e-mail readings from other networks to make their station sound bigger?
Terms Of Use

Shows are for Entertainment ONLY

The views and opinions expressed on all radio shows broadcast on The Mix Talk Network
are entirely those of the hosts, guests and callers, who are entirely responsible for all
show content, and do not in any way reflect the opinions or an endorsement of The Mix
Talk Radio Network, our clients or the respective staffs. These broadcasts are presented
and made public in the hope that they will be entertaining to our many listeners.
They are not intended to diagnose, treat or mitigate in any way any disease or condition
or to promote any specific lifestyle, belief, religion, political affiliation or other personal
practice. Enjoy what you hear on The Mix Talk and please know that any decision to take,
use, consider or share the information you hear is yours & yours alone.
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